Hello 2019!


Here’s to a very Ha-pig new year!!!


I hope you managed to have a wee bit of a break over the holidays. I was lucky enough to go to Cambodia for a few days - so beautiful, but so harrowing - definitely worth a visit if you get the chance.


On returning to Hong Kong it was straight back to work for me…starting with some new card designs. I’ve been asked by so many people whether I have any Chinese New Year cards that I thought maybe I ought to! But I wanted to make sure anything I designed wouldn’t be just for Chinese New Year and wouldn’t be just for 2019 - I wanted designs that would work really well at other times of year and for other occasions too. I really hate the idea that you might end up with a stockpile of cards that you can’t use!


You can check out the new designs including this cute and very happy little piggy (the year of the pig starts on 5 February, just in case you were wondering…) in the shop.