What's the story, Jackanory?


Welcome to the second in my short series of posts giving you a brief glimpse into the stories behind some of my designs. This second story focuses on the Insects note card collection - inspired by iridescent beetles, beautiful butterflies and childhood memories.

If you missed the first post in the series about the Flying high collection you can read it here.


The Insects note card collection

One afternoon when I was hanging out with my nephew - a (now) five year old who loves bugs, dinosaurs and cars - we spotted some interesting looking beetles chilling in the lavender and spent a good while studying them together. They looked a bit like ladybirds, but their shells were a beautiful iridescent green and black stripe. I’d never seen anything like them before.

But they got me thinking. Bugs really are fascinating. There are so many different varieties, shapes, sizes and colours – and while some are a bit weird and creepy looking, others are quite beautiful. I already had a bee illustration that I’d done for a Valentine’s Day card – could I add to this to create the designs for my first collection of note cards? A collection that would perfectly epitomise the spring and summer months both in Hong Kong and also in my native England.

And that’s why I chose a butterfly and a ladybird. The butterflies in Hong Kong are big, bold and beautiful, while counting spots on ladybirds is a fun summer pastime I remember fondly from my childhood.


This is just a quick look at the story behind the designs for one of my collections - look out for some more inspiration insights coming soon. Find the Insects note card collection and our other designs in our online store.