Inspiration. It's an everyday thing


So far this year Paper-Roses has published its first two collections of cards, note cards, gift wrap and gift tags. Now I’m keen to tell you a bit more about the inspirations behind some of the designs – but knowing how to do that has been harder than I thought it would (or should) be!

I’ve never really thought of myself as a procrastinator – but I’ve been putting off writing this for two or three weeks now. It’s amazing the “interesting” things you can find to do when you know you should be doing something else. Sorting out your receipts anyone?

Why have I been putting it off? Because I’ve really been struggling to work out how to put my thoughts down on paper. In my previous life as an actuary, I wrote lots of papers and articles, but they were different. I could research my topic to my heart’s content…how do you research your own thought processes?

You can’t. So, today’s the day. I’ve just got to bite the bullet, go for it and start to tell you the stories behind some of the designs…


The flying high collection


I’m a country girl at heart and I love going out for walks to check out my surroundings wherever I am. Somewhere I’m very familiar with and have explored many, many times is the countryside around the village I grew up in. But this doesn’t hinder the enjoyment – in fact the familiarity can be a bonus because you tend to spot the things that are new or different. And last September, while I was out for an early morning walk with my mum, that’s exactly what happened when we stood and watched a hot air balloon skimming along the horizon. Hot air balloons have always fascinated me – the idea of floating across the skies seems so magical and awe inspiring.

As well as the balloon itself, it was this magical, awe inspired feeling that led to the overall design for the Flying high collection. The gentle colours I used evoke the magical feel of a clear early morning sky. And the wording on the card, You’re flying high, is perfect for congratulating someone for an awe-inspiring achievement or to help them celebrate a magical event.


This is just a quick look at the story behind one of my designs - look out for some more inspiration insights coming soon. Find the Flying high collection and our other designs in our online store.